PT. WINA TIRTA MARITIM is headquartered in Indonesia, authorized and duly licensed by Indonesian Government. Our company is strictly adhered to the rules and regulations of the marine industry. We are committed to providing outstanding ship management services, placing the quality of our service and the safety of our people at the heart of everything we do. We have an extensive pool of marine and offshore personnel, wide experience of managing multinational crew and group of companies involved in various segments.


Our Vision

To become the leading provider of marine solutions in the region. Aiming always for perfection and excellence in the management and operations of ships.

Our Mission

For Society: to conduct our business operations with integrity, professionalism, and business ethics in order to safeguard human life, property, and the environment as a whole.

For our clients: to provide the best services with safest and most cost effective operations to meet their business objectives.

For our people: to guide and giving them a challenging and rewarding environment to achieve their career goals.

For our shareholders: to run an efficient business with best return on investment along with best business practices.



I have been serving in PT. WINA TIRTA MARITIM since way back in 2010. I was a 2/Mate the first time I was engaged with them. They have very kind and approachable staff who are very easy to be with. They have friendly and well-disciplined ship’s crew. They have a good strategic way in hiring good crew. Most of the crew being hired by them have good manners and are respectful.
Sargento Captain
I have worked for Flinter through PT. WINA TIRTA MARITIM since 2011 until this day. For as long as I have joined ships through this company, I felt completely satisfied with their services. They provided an immaculate service to me and my family and in more than 10 years I have worked for Flinter, they have never delayed my rights.
Martin Samuel Rantung Bosun